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Trustee & Charity Treasurer


I’m Liz and I’m a fundraiser. I’ve had the privilege of working in the charity sector since 2001, securing grants to support children and young people as well as helping adults to recover from addiction and projects to support physical and mental health. It’s the best job in the world when you help to bring in funding and make a project happen that has a transformative impact on people’s lives and their loved ones.


I’ve enjoyed volunteering in the charity sector too and was a Childline volunteer counsellor for several years in London. It brought home to me how important it is to talk to some one in confidence when things are worrying you. It can make all the difference to your well-being to talk to some one who is listening.

Take Off says that oxygen and friendship are key to maintaining good mental health. I take care of mine by walking every day – with a good pair of walking shoes and making time to catch up with friends. This is my first Trustee role and I’m thrilled to be part of the Take Off community.

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