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Friend of Take Off

I am a fit and healthy individual with a busy lifestyle, job, I sleep well and enjoy life to the full but things haven’t always been like that!

Several things have left me at rock bottom and professional help has been sought. Equally others have turned to me for help with their own personal issues and that has been due to my understanding of mental health problems which arise in all of us from time to time. Listening and talking to others has made me very aware just how many people out there are in need of help.


For me, the backbone of my ‘getting up in the morning’ has been the keeping of animals which is a commitment that cannot be ignored and this leads to both discipline and pleasure. Self-help has also been a major factor and this has been in the form of a daily log which ash given me focus and organisation.

Two years ago I met Mark Kilbey who introduced me to the then Canterbury and District Mental Health Forum, now Take Off, and this gave me an insight into the professional side of the issues associated with mental health. I am now a trustee of Take Off as I wish to be involved in a hands on level, using my own experiences to help other people.

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