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J.C. talks about: Energy Saving

Updated: Dec 19, 2023


Winter is here again, and, as is usual each year, thoughts turn naturally to Christmas with all its attendant fun and razzmatazz. For many this is the long-awaited and enjoyable part of the season. However, for some it can mean debt and the arduous task of scrimping and saving to pay essential household bills.

Before you commit yourself to investing hard-earned cash in more powerful energy saving solutions (and there are some good ones out there), here are a few tips you can implement today that will make an enormous difference to the size of your electricity bills.

Energy Saving Tip 1: Turn off unnecessary appliances

This is a tip we all know, but it’s easy to let good habits slip!

Remember to turn off all lights when you leave a room or don’t need them, as well as all domestic appliances and electronic devices when they’re not in use.

And by turning off we REALLY MEAN TURNING OFF. Avoid using standby mode which actually continues to use energy when you’re not using it.


The easiest way to introduce this into your daily routine is to use multi-socket plugs. That way you can switch them all off at once when going to bed, for example.

This simple measure can save you a significant amount of energy and reduce your electric bills by c. £65 per year.

Energy Saving Tip 2: Amend your approach to cooking

Energy Saving Tip 3: Air your home regularly

Energy Saving Tip 4: Heat the person, not the space

Energy Saving Tip 5: Install a programmable thermostat

Energy Saving Tip 6: Replace your light bulbs


If you have ideas for energy saving, let us know on social media!

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