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Friend of Take Off

I’ve been working to improve the lives of people coping with mental and emotional distress and mental illness for most of my life. Sometimes this was as an Occupational Therapist, sometimes as an Arts Project Worker and most recently, as an academic working for Canterbury Christ Church University. I am the author of the self-help book, The Power of the Next Small Step, a solution focused approach to change in everyday life.


I’ve been privileged to be part of Take Off’s journey to becoming the incredibly supportive and vibrant community it is today. Take Off grew out of a vision to grow into an independent organisation completely led by service users, where everything on offer was designed and delivered by service users. Ten years ago that seemed over-ambitious. Now it seems the most obvious way to provide a safe and supportive space for recovery.

Mostly, I enjoy being able to visit and chat with Take Off’s members and be wowed by the great work going on. Occasionally, I am invited to deliver training in Solution Focused Conversation in order to provide members with a different way to talk about problems and concerns than the way they are used to from professionals.

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