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SKC & IT Manager

I joined Take Off as a peer support worker however I also now manage the IT for the organisation. I have a keen interest in history, music, electronics, computer science and cookery. In my spare time I enjoy watching local bands play, online gaming, and spending time with my grandchildren.


A brief history of me.


I was a troubled child from the age of 7 or 8 when my parents divorced at the end of the 1970’s. It could be argued that I was troubled long before then.

At age 11 I was diagnosed in 1982 by a child psychiatrist; that I was expressing maladjusted behaviour and consequently was removed from mainstream education and sent to a boarding school for children with special needs. Which I will say was an enjoyable experience; I felt I fitted in with my peers in a non-judgmental institutional setting.

When I left there in 1987 I had a string of successful and fruitful experiences in education and employment, however I would still experience extreme highs and lows. When experiencing my worst lows I would end up isolated, homeless and possibly vagrant. In my extreme highs I would be overly productive studying at University, involved with running many businesses and while holding down a fulltime job, I would have fruitful relationships, children and even marriage.


However in 1995 whilst in my 20s I was diagnosed with manic depression, a new label that meant very little to me at the time and I got on with my life embracing the highs and not doing a very good job of managing the lows. Whilst in a mixed state I could be very agitated, verbally aggressive and display violent behaviour leading to strained relationships and loss of close friendships.


I was finally diagnosed in 2008 as having Bipolar affected disorder. This was treated with medication and since then there has been one severe relapse due to me thinking I didn’t need to take the medication any more. This resulted in being re-diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 in 2014.


I was introduced to Take Off in 2016 and I have found it a very positive experience being able to fit in with all the different types of diagnosed mental illness which ultimately all experience some or the same common traits of anxiety, depression and psychosis. The peer groups are an important aid to my own recovery and stability. Sharing a lived experience with other peers is not only productive for myself as it is helping others in need with their own issues and challenges.


My previous vocations include NHS mental health, Secondary Education Administration, Electro-technical Systems Integration engineering, Publishing and Retail.

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