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Kent Mental Health

Physical & mental wellbeing support by people with
lived experience

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A Kent based mental health charity, supporting our local community.

Join local businesses that are determined to make sure that no one faces mental health problems alone.

Join our Kent mental health team and work or volunteer for Take Off in Canterbury.


Upcoming Kent Mental Health

Group Sessions

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Kent Mental Health

Designed For You

All of our kent based mental health groups and sessions are designed, developed and delivered by service users, for service users. 

100% Peer Lead

We're all peers at Take Off, we have experience living with mental health problems. We believe peer support is a significant part of our recovery process and therefore has an economic value. 

Fair Work Standards

It is important to us that everyone who wants to be paid is paid.

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"Our mental health prevents us from engaging with others, in-person or online, or leaving the house. It is extremely helpful to try and overcome this situation which is not easy. It is essential though if we are to "get well and stay well".

Mark Kilbey, Chief Executive Officer at Take Off

Know someone who might want to attend?

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