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Help our Faversham Garden Group!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We are really proud to have recently renovated our garden plot and we're ready for the space to be used to its full potential!

The group is helping individuals who are isolated and struggling with their mental health. Being outside with people who are, or have been, in a similar position can help improve your wellbeing and recovery.

We'll be planting flowers to attract local and endangered insects and fauna and act as a sensory garden for other support groups.


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Funding the plot

£8,256 funds the group for 8 months (a weekly 3 hour session for up to 10 attendees)

£620 will fund volunteer travel costs for the whole summer (with this we can be there 3 days a week- the lovely plants need water, care and attention!)

We also welcome donations or support including:

Pots or planters

Seedlings or cuts


Time and enthusiasm


!! UPDATE !!

We're holding a volunteer event in September!


You (or your organisation) can be a Take Off Guardian, visit our website page for more information and how we can help each other.


We are currently volunteering to keep the garden going while we raise funds to get the group going again.

Now that the sun is shining 🔆 (and rain is periodically pouring), the weeds are having a great time and we need to keep them at bay while we spruce the plot up.

In addition to the group, we also would like to have people at the plot 3 days a week during the summer months and 2 days a week during winter for upkeep and maintaining the plot. Perhaps someone with expertise, landscaping expert who can donate some time to help. Our fabulous management team will organise the volunteers so if you can help for a few hours a month or a few hours a week please get in touch.


Thank you!


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