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Falling into winter

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

As the days get shorter, winter can feel difficult. Our peer workers have some great suggestions and things they do during winter to stay well.

Lauren says "This winter, I’ll be..."

  • Doing art/craft projects - I know I naturally get lower mood this time of year, and dopamine-promoting creative activities help lift my mood. I make a lot of Christmas gifts.

  • Going for walks on my lunch break, especially whenever it’s bright, to get some vitamin D. And taking supplements to top it up.

  • Using my support network when I feel low. I have counselling starting soon, and will try to keep quite busy, with plans to attend groups and see friends.

  • Sitting with my cat, who gets cuddlier in the colder weather.

Sarah talks about winter with children

Zoe has advice on SAD



What do you like about winter?

  • Hot drinks

  • Snow

  • The smell of a wood fire

  • Christmas markets

You can vote for more than one answer.

Let us know on social media - what are your favourite things about winter or what do you do to stay well?

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