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Dieta talks about: Anxiety

Updated: Jun 20

We asked our peer workers "what helps you manage anxiety" to share strategies and help others, the classic Take Off peer way!

"For every anxious thought write down a balancing thought"

This is often different depending on the individual and their circumstances but I would like to think you will all find something here that works for you

Part 1:

To combat my anxiety I have a

mental health toolkit

It has other names, e.g. an anxiety/ self- soothing box

This is a box (that you can decorate). It can have a variety of small items that can help with anxiety. I myself am in the process of creating an Anxiety/Soothing bag to go with my box. The bag is more for when I'm travelling and away from home.

Items that might appear in either of these could include:

Oils, e.g. Lavender

Mini perfumes, hand cream, nail polish, mini soaps, a sleep mask.

Mini Haribo, mints and chewing gum.

  • Stress balls or other objects you can squash or make shapes out of.

  • Small colouring book with mini crayons/pencils.

  • Mini Wordsearch/crossword books

  • Mini short story book/book of positive quotes

  • Mini writing/drawing pad/notebook

Part 2:

Take charge of your anxiety, what can you do

  • Set realistic goals.

  • Asking others how they manage anxiety.

  • Ask someone who is special to you to create a letter that tells you why they think you're special and what good qualities you have.

More for your toolkit...

Your favourite teabags.
Relaxation/meditation CDs (if at home), or try one of the apps.
Different pieces of material in different colours and textures.
Affirmations written or printed on small pieces of paper.

Part 3:

Spark joy

  • Photos of good people and memories

  • A piece of jewellery that reminds you of someone

  • A piece of poetry or prose that makes you feel good

  • Song lyrics

Part 4:

Other techniques that work for me

Grounding techniques such as breathing/ relaxation exercises or the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise which deliberately makes use of the 5 senses.
Going for a long walk, admiring nature or other physical activity like the gym

  • Distraction techniques like music. I think there's something for every situation and every mood.

  • Doing some creative writing such as poetry and prose or doing what some call a brain dump where you literally write what you feel at that moment.

  • Think more about the positive things you've done not everything you feel you haven't.

Reading 📚
Meeting with /Calling/texting/sending a message to contact friends/family/loved ones
Pets 🐭
Having a laugh
Dancing 🕺🏼
Gardening/ houseplants
Art and crafts 🖌
Going to your happy place

Hopefully something here can help you or someone you know

We'll be doing a series of other peer experiences, help guides and recovery journeys over time so check our blog for updates!

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